I started my own business after a lot of research of wanting to look for something to help my horse with all around wellness.

I came across MagnaWave and had it done on my mare. In the past I had several massages done on my horse and wanted to try something different. After having my first session for my mare that was tight in areas. I felt a huge difference with my horse and with how much she enjoyed it.

I was hooked, saw it as a good opportunity and wanted to bring the same experience to other people and animals.

Would you like to try?


Serenity Spirit PEMF

Alyssa Langlois




MagnaWave has 111% changed my life! Every aspect! I have seen incredible improvements in each one of my animals as well as myself. I realized after a few treatments on myself, the way I walk has completely changed for the better! I am able to complete my daily tasks easier and I have more energy overall as well!

Lindsay Dunning

“Got an extra 2 years (of quality life) for my personal horse with melanomas with MagnaWave.”

Wendy Phillps

“I’ve had good luck MagnaWaving animals a day before barrel race. I MagnaWave the whole body. Most of the time it’s not to help a problem but to feel better in general and race their very best.”


Serenity Spirit PEMF

Alyssa Langlois

Blackstone, MA